WarpUK OS/2 users group

Currently I am secretary to WarpUK. We have not met a lot recently but have had several successful meetings at Milton Keynes at these we demonstrate various software and solve problems for each other. We have a quite active mailing list that we all find very useful.

To find out more about why I like OS/2 Warp see my OS/2 Warp & why it's so good page.

Our Meeting at Astrac in Warwick

1 October 1999

Where I gave a presentation on home networks my notes at long last are here in Acrobat format. Thanks to the eventual arrival of my copy of Clearlook (a really excellent word processor) which unlike IBM works can drive the generic postscript printer properly. Apologies for the delay.

Photo from Astrac meeting

New Logo

After much debate and sugestions I have 5 new versions :-
WarpUK wood logo Wood texture
WarpUK puzzle logo Puzzle Texture
WarpUK drops logo Raindrop Texture
WarpUK bubbles logo Bubbles Texture
WarpUK bricks logo Bricks Texture

Feedback Form Results

So far I have had 9 replies to the meeting feedback form will all those interested in a meeting who havn't used it please fill it in you wil find it at http://www.warp.in-uk.net/meeting.html Although mostly not relevant to out first meeting I hope this will form an ongoing data collection that will be a usefull recorce to the group.

Of the information receved so far 3 say they can bring a computer a further 2 posibly could. We would like to see a very wide range of things demoe'd. What we understand least is IBM and finding compatable hardware with decent software drives seems by far out biggest problem.

Suggested Date Like to see Demonstrated Like to understand better Biggest Problems
23-Sep-98 Any Java Development tools eg Visual age Java or Net Beans tcp/ip (not realy OS/2) many networking issues Finding compatable hardware with decent Drivers!
Before September 28th or 9-13 November. WSOD would interest me, Voice too. I'd also love to see someone get IBM's peer 'briefcase' program working (I forget what it's called) IBM! I have graphics driver, crash & occasional reboot problems.
Sep 6 onwards
IBM :-) Drivers: Finding hardware that is not Win.... ie modems. I suspect we will soon have Windisks :-)
Weekend I would be pleased to see anything demo'ed It's future!!!! :Currently trying to integrate help information into apps. Lack of software choice at times
Weekend in Sept Lotus Smartsuite, StarOffice, the versions of OS/2 available & differences between?

after the 21st please Work Space On-Demand; OS/2 Warp Server Advanced 4.0; all my software (internet/bbs/etc) hmm programming under OS/2. Understanding how to install and maintain an OS/2 without any problems.
any examples of config.sys - what the lines mean ! see above compatible hardware
before 27th of september I personally, nothing!! Networking and Setup of new equipment; especially sourcing of decent drivers!
weekend in late Sept


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