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About Myself

[Map of Brentford gif 33k]

I am not going to tell you my age (but I'm over 21) I live in Brentford which is west of London where the Grand Union Canal meets the River Thames. I live close to Kew Bridge Steam Museum.

A quick search on the web soon reveals our famous football team (that's Soccer to those the other side of the puddle) Brentford Football Club known locally as The Bees. I'm not realy a football fan but I had to find a Brentford related link :-)

It is said that Bodicia fought the Romans here there have been some other things happend since then like during the Civil war when the royalists got as close as they ever did to London but I will have to do some reserch. A lot of interesting Facts and Myths about Brentford can be found at www.brentford.org.uk
It is reputed that Arther Daily (of the BBC's Minder) was a poor bare footed nipper here.

[Photos of me]     I was born quite a long time ago in Woolwich London I have a brother who was born 18 months later, my parents then moved to Bracknell in Berkshire and here I have my earliest memory's of childhood. We moved back to SE London (Welling) where at the age of 5 I started school at Hook Lane primary. I have a Sister who is some 10 years younger, I can remember her Birthday well as I had riden my tricicle down the hill outside our house and into a brick gate post, as I was taken to the casulty department my mother was taken to the maternity ward. At the age of eleven we moved to Meopham in Kent and I was sent to Shotton Hall School in Shropshire where I stayed until I was 17.

I served a craft apprenticeship at EQD Aquila and after a year working their I moved on to work for Rikadenki Mitsui in Chesington. After a few years I left their with several jobs to go to and chose to work for the European Space Agency in Holland. My career there was cut short and I had to return to England where after a collection of jobs in RF calibration & repair I found myself in the Rock and Roll industry.

Having worked for AvoLites I became self employed and have done work for many Sound and Lighting companies, I mainly build and repair touring equipment. I have toured with rock bands (and found it too much like hard work!) The best of this was autumn 1991 (I think it was) when I toured as Lighting designer for Hawkwind a band whose music has been a favourite of mine for over 25 years!. I recently work for a company providing exhibition production Production Science with whom I have made equipment for The Millenum Dome and a lot of other exihibitions since.

Recently I studyed for a BSc in Artificial Intelegence at The University of Westminster which I found facinating and very chalenging.

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