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:-) Well I first discovered that one of the best uses for a computer was GAMES many years ago as an apprentice at EQD Aquila where whilst learning computer studies we soon found a number of games programs.
These were written in BASIC and played from a terminal on our mainframe, no VDU or graphics just a typed printout and they could still make this ancient machine very busy. We were soon banned from keeping our programs on the hard storage (drums in those days) and would have games on reels of punched tape. One of the most popular was a Star Trek game that would print out small maps of space showing stars, space stations, gas giants (for fuel) and Klingon craft the object was to discover new worlds, stay alive and wipe out Klingons (nothings new).
I'm glad to say progress has moved on somewhat since then nowadays my sound card probably has more memory than that entire system and hard storage has increased astronomically. My favourite games are flight sim's some years ago I would spend hours playing Elite and F19 on my friends Atari ST. I would rate Elite as the most brilliant game of all time especially as it was originally written to be played on a BBC "B" with its whole 32k yes that is "k" of memory. I have run it from a DOS BBC emulator but it has nothing like the original Acorn/BBC feel although it may be better from native DOS.
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I have quite a number of games a lot of DOS games will run well on OS/2 you can configure the DOS session in many ways but some are troublesome and won't run. There are many OS/2 games!

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Flight simulations are my favourite games, currently E F 2000 is one of the best. Dawn Patrol is also very very good, I would like a good W W 2 Spitfire simulation (Their finest hour was very good but is a little dated now) also being a fan of the late Robert Calvert a F104G simulator (I'm the right stuff BABEEE the right stuff watch my trail! ....CRASH! BANG! ) would being much enjoyed.
I had been beta testing the Win32-OS2 project conversion of Quake2. which works!
Playng using software rendering is best done with a small window unless your running on an extremely fast machine. This is now Netlabs Project ODIN
There are a number of places to look for assistance in getting new games working under OS/2 including:
The Ultimate OS/2 Games Page DOGS (Dos Os2 Games Site) The Games Domain

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