The Riveboat Pirates

In a Tub at Sea

Sample Music Files

Please excuse the poor quality of these files but they are from nth (where n is a large number) generation cassette tape and my cassette tape player is a piece of junk rescued from the skip and maintained with sticky tape and elastic bands.

Also please note these are samples about 30 to 45 seconds long for the full song

The Riverboat Pirates "Jobs For The Boys" Click Here

ride_on_sample.mp3 Ride on 1 MB mp3
lament_for_a_rat_sample.mp3 A Lament for a Rat 900 kB mp3
cotton_eye_joesample.mp3 Cotton Eye Joe 909 kB
jig01_sample.mp3 A Jig 642 kB
jig02_sample.mp3 Another Jig 756 kB
finalie_sample.mp3 Finalie 474 kB

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