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Borag Thungg, fellow Thrill Power addicts



My humble tribute to the galaxy's greatest comic.

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Although I regularly read 2000AD since prog 30 or something like that but I probably rate a little less than Squak Dex Thargo as I frequently have moved and in places of High Thrill sucker activity (e.g. Hounslow) I have missed many issues. I also quite often leave behind my accumulation of comics as I feel they are to be read and distributed as widely as possible. If the previous tenant of your bed sit, flat, room, squat or home left behind a pile of thrill packed progs your lucky enjoy them!

The superb quality of artwork and brilliant stories are characteristics that make 2000AD exceptional Judge Dredd Has been a regular feature the stories of this legendary lawman of the future are packed with suspense action and normally a very high body count. With 400 million inhabitants living in massive high rise blocks, rampant unemployment, the rich are very rich, the poor are very poor and the poorest of all the mutants are banished from the city to the hell called cursed earth all around.

[Judge Dread chases perp jpg 25k]
[Slain looking hunky 21k jpg]

Kiss my axe!

One of my many favourite characters is an ancient Celtic warrior king Slaine Mac Roth his eternal fight throughout time against the evil forces that ranged against his wife, The Earth Goddess.
Accompanied by his trusty axe Brainbiter and Ukko his dwarf scribe through whose efforts we know of these tails and by some miracle has not been killed by Slain yet.

A taste of Thrill-Power soaked pages.

[Prog 986 Connon Fodder 19k jpg]

Another fine tale of not quite so evil against evil with plenty of blood and gore with a deliriously high body count.

I wana be like

Halo Jones

The song sung by Wendy James and the highlight of a Transvision Vamp concert. The lengthy and unfinished tale of a young woman's escape from a life of unemployment in "The Hoop" to sail across the galaxy in the Clara Pandy and dance with Max Roth Chop. This tale is so zarjaz as to be among the greatest in the galaxy.
[Halo Jones 14k jpg]
[Prog 892 Mamba 22k jpg]

Zarjaz Artwork

Allright I've nicked this artwork from others pages 'cos I don't have a scanner. That apart copyright is to 2000AD Ergmont Fleatway publications.
That should save me from a Rigalian HotShot from Tharg the Mighty and now I've given you the taste here are other sites with that are the obvious product many hours of hard work image editing and crunching out HTML.
Take a look at :- 

The fabulous 2000AD series matrix

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